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● For the first 2 weeks wash your tattoo 3 times a day with clean hands, warm water and antibacterial soap – ideally, morning, afternoon and evening.

● For the first 3 days, wrap your tattoo in saran wrap for 6-8 hours. Most clients prefer to do this overnight while sleeping but it’s up to you. Always wash your tattoo after removing the saran wrap.

● When showering, please make your tattoo the last area you expose to water & wash.

You do not want to waterlog your new ink!

● Wash your healing tattoo with clean hands only; never use a loofah, towel, etc., as they harbor bacteria.

● After you have washed your tattoo, pat it with a clean and sanitary paper towel then allow the tattoo to completely air dry.

● Once the tattoo has air dried and feels tight, then apply a very thin layer of ointment over the tattooed area.

● Continue the above process until your tattoo is fully healed. You will notice certain areas are healing faster than others, continue to use the ointment on healing areas and then use the oil on healed areas. ● During the peeling process, please allow the skin to shed naturally during the washing process. Do not pick at it whatsoever, especially when it is dry.

Additional Information:

● Ease the healing process by switching Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 4 hours. Elevate & ice accordingly. Stretch & maintain range of motion but do not overwork yourself as you do not want your skin to split. Eat well, hydrate and rest, your body just endured a lot so spoil yourself!

● Your healing tattoo is essentially an open wound so please keep it clean! Wherever you choose to rest, make sure the space is clean and free of pet hair and/or loose fibers.

● Avoid sun exposure while your tattoo is healing. After your tattoo has healed, use SPF 30 to protect it from sun damage.




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